Build an awesome maze

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A large maze built with Make-A-Fort Build Kits

Step-by-step build instructions are available here to build this maze.

Building this maze requires…

  • 36 large panels, 20 yellow braces, and 106 black foam connectors (all included in two Make-A-Fort Build Kits)
  • About 10′ x 10′ of floor space (easier to build on carpet or a rug than a smooth surface)

No tools or adhesives are needed. The large panels are connected together by sliding the black foam connectors into the red and yellow panel slots and the yellow braces are used in corners to make the maze more stable.

This maze can be built by kids 4-6 years old with help from parents or older siblings. Kids 7 years old and above can often build this maze on their own. Build this maze with parents or grandparents to create a fun activity for the whole family to do together.

After building, try these things for extra fun…

  • Put an LED inside and turn off the room lights to see a cool light show on the walls
  • Put extra connectors in the circles formed between the large panels to create Nerf targets
  • Place a light blanket over the top of the maze to make it darker on the inside
  • Drive toy cars through the small tunnels formed where the half circles on the large panels meet the floor

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