How Strong Is it?

Make-A-Fort panels are made from an upgraded cardboard that is much stronger and much more durable than normal shipping box cardboard.  To put this to the test, we placed bricks on a Make-A-Fort panel and a on a piece of cardboard cut the same size from a normal shipping box.  The Make-A-Fort panel easily held three heavy bricks.  The normal shipping box cardboard collapsed with about half the weight of a single brick.  The Make-A-Fort panel was over 6x stronger than normal shipping box cardboard.

Note: We do not recommend putting heavy weights on the Make-A-Fort panels like this but did so just to demonstrate this isn’t typical flimsy cardboard.

Make-A-Fort panel with three heavy bricks

Make-A-Fort Panel with 3 Bricks

Flexes but doesn't collapse

Regular shipping box cardboard crumpling with a single brick

Shipping Box Cardboard with 1/2 Brick


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