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computer rendering of EK_Hexigloo x1
computer rendering of EK_Hexigloo x1
Hexagloo X1
Hexagloo X1
Hexagloo X1
Excerpt from Hexagloo X1 project instructions

Hexagloo X1

You can see it now! Imagine your kids using this fort to protect penguins from being chased by angry polar bears! Or your kids might even imagine they are superheroes with superpowers saving the innocent Ice Princess from the villainous Snow Wizards!

The sky is the limit to what your kids’ fort can be! All it takes is the Hexagloo X1 fort and a little imagination!

Why buy our forts?

  • Endless play for kids 4-12 years old
  • Keeps kids off screens and engaged in creative play
  • Stores back in provided carrying case at end of day
  • Winner of 9 toy awards

You'll need the following fort building kit(s) to build this creation...

Explorer Kit
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