Launch of New Explorer Kit Product

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Today, we are launching our new Explorer Kit fort building kits. Both the new Explorer Kits and the original Build Kits allow building really big forts but the new Explorer Kit adds two more panels (20 instead of 18), adds 8 more yellow braces (18 instead of 10), and adds 6 more connectors (86 instead of 80).

All our Projects now have instructions both for the new Explorer Kit and original Build Kit. As the new Explorer Kit is a direct replacement for the original Build Kit, we will discontinue manufacturing the original Build Kit.

The new Explorer Kit and original Build Kit can be used together to build forts but there are issues…

  • The new Explorer Kit connectors have a smaller diameter than the Build Kit connectors
  • The new Explorer Kit panels have a three slot design instead of the four slot design of the Build Kit (two slots align allowing connecting Explorer Kit and Build Kit panels)

The original Build Kit was a fantastic fort building kit that won many awards but our customers wanted more. With the launch of the new Explorer Kit today, we are giving our customers even more fort building fun in every kit.