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Build These Fun Group Creations with Our Kits

Our award-winning Make-A-Fort fort building kits are the easiest way for kids to build really big forts at home and a crazy fun activity for large groups of kids and teens as well.

Here are five unique group activities that can be done with our Make-A-Fort fort building kits

These are perfect activities for…

  • Summer camps
  • Church youth groups
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Family & Kids Festivals
  • Science Museums
  • YMCAs

Any questions? Contact us -our Group Activities Specialists can get you answers or help plan your group activities this summer.

Build a Big Wheel Racetrack

The example above requires about 50' x 40' of space and 9 Explorer Kits

Each individual Arch above is about 8′ x 4′ x 2′ and is made with 1 Explorer Kit.  You will need a lot of open space and multiple Explorer Kits to create a racetrack like this.  The fun is both in the building (and rebuilding after crashes) and in the race itself.

Want something different? Try…

  • Adding or removing Arches as needed to best utilize your available space
  • Increasing the height of the Arches from 2 units high (4′ high) to 3 units (6′ high) if you have bigger kids or teens
  • Replacing the Big Wheel with a skateboard, tricycle, roller skates, etc.

Great for creating compelling social media content.

Built exclusively with Make-A-Fort Explorer Kits.  Order your kits today!

Build a Nerf Battle Arena

The example above requires about 60' x 20' of space and 20 Explorer Kits

Each Small Wall is about 6′ x 4′ x 2′ built with one Explorer Kit and each Large Wall is about 6′ x 6′ x 2′ built with 2 Explorer Kits.  You’ll need a lot of space to build these walls.  Combine the Small Walls and Large Walls to create a Capture the Flag Arena, Nerf Battle Zone, or Laser Tag Arena.

Want something different?  Try…

The fun isn’t just in the battle.  The fun is also in the build and using teamwork to create your battle arena.

Built exclusively with Make-A-Fort Explorer Kits.  Order your kits today!

Build a Giant Maze

The example above requires about 30' x 30' of space and 10 Explorer Kits

Use an online maze generator to generate a giant maze for…

  • Kids
  • Robots
  • Remote control toys
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • More


  • Increase or reduce the size of the maze as needed to fill your space
  • Avoid having any panels that are more than two units away from a corner. This often requires modifying the maze generator results to avoid having long straight walls without corners.
  • Increase the height of the maze to 2 units tall or even 3 units tall to work with bigger kids and teens

Built exclusively with Make-A-Fort Explorer Kits.  Each Kit contains 20 panels, so the size of your maze will determine how many kits you will need. Order your kits today!

Build a Fort City

The example above requires about 35' x 25' of space and 12 Explorer Kits

Build a whole city of forts using any of our Projects.  Great for sleepover events.  Multiple kids can sleep in the same fort and kids take take their own pillows and blankets inside the forts to sleep in their forts overnight.

The fort city above is made by building twelve of the Mansion X1 Project.

Built exclusively with the Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit.  Order your kits today!

Hold a Coloring Contest

Back side of the panels are blank and can also be colored
Another fun group activity is a coloring contest.  The Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit panels can be colored with markers, crayons, or paint.  Color the zany characters on the front side of the panels or flip the panels over to start with a blank canvas. Order your Make-A-Fort Explorer Kits today!

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