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Fort Building Kits

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Building forts with boxes is great but this is way better than boxes…it’s panels that kids can connect together to build whatever they imagine. It stores back in a provided case when not in use, can be used over and over, and is much easier to build/tear down.

Our kits are also quite durable (checkout the See How Strong page). and can be reused for years to come. It’s worth every penny!

Kits are what you buy and Creations are what you can build with the Kits.

The Kits include a variety of components that can easily be connected together to build many different types of Creations

Build any one of our Creations by downloading step-by-step instructions or build your own Creation the way you want.

The Explorer Kit is our original fort building kit that allows building really big forts easily. The Creator Kit is an expansion pack that can be combined with the Explorer Kit to build more intricate and challenging forts.

Yes. Each of fort building kit is made from an upgraded cardboard that is much stronger than normal shipping box cardboard. Can be used over and over with reasonable care. Check out our See How Strong page for a demonstration of the strength.

Yes. To assemble, simply slide the foam connectors snugly into the panel slots. To disassemble, simply remove the foam connectors from the panels. Can be reused over and over again.

Yes. Each fort building kit has been tested by a certified toy testing laboratory to ensure all components are non-toxic and safe for use in a children’s toy.

All components fit back in the provided carrying case. The carrying case fits under a bed or in a closet when not in use.

A single Explorer Kit can make a 4’ tall fort that requires about 4’ x 6’ of floor space. Browse our Creations to see the floor space required for different types of structures.

Many families use their main family room to build a big fort during the day and then disassemble the big fort back into the provided carrying case in the evening to reclaim their family room.

Our Explorer Kit includes 20 large panels, 86 black foam circular connectors, 18 yellow triangle braces, a Getting Started Guide, and a carrying case.

Our Creator Kit includes 67 panels in a variety of shapes, 86 black foam circular connectors, 6 yellow triangle braces, a Getting Started Guide, and a carrying case.

Yes. Each fort building kit is made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled again at the end of life of the toy.

Yes. Each of our Creations have downloadable step-by-step instructions.

Simply push the black circular foam connectors snugly into the panel slots to connect panels together.

Connect lots of panels together to form forts, tunnels, mazes, etc.

Younger kids (4-6) will often need help building while older kids (7 and up) can often build themselves.

The Explorer Kit is intended for anyone that enjoys building forts. These forts are easy to build, are big enough to play inside, and have a stronger structure when complete.

The Creator Kit (Expansion Pack) is intended for advanced builders that want a challenge. These forts often require following a long sequence of instructions, can be too small to play inside, and can be "wigglier" when complete.

For a single younger kid, a single Explorer Kit may be enough.

For multiple kids or for an older kid, two to three Explorer Kits are recommended.

For very advanced builders, adding one or more Creator Kits to your Explorer Kit purchase is recommended.

Browse our Creations to see how many of each kit are required to build a variety of different structures.

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Yes. Reimagine your time together. No batteries, no screens. Make-a-Fort is a product that lets kids be kids. No blinking lights, annoying sounds or screens - let your child imagination take center stage.

Yes.  Make-A-Fort is one of those rare activities that is fun for almost any age and it's a great way to spend quality time together as a family.

Yes, kids can build forts over and over and over.  After the forts are built, kids can bring in their collection of toys, a pillow, and a blanket to have their own private space.

Yes, coloring the panels with crayons, markers, or non-toxic paint can be another really fun activity.  The reverse side of the panels are blank and provide a great canvas for your own designs.


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