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Fort Building 101: A Cozy Space for Book Adventures

In this edition of Fort Building 101, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a Reading Nook Fort for Kids – a cozy space where your kids can let their creativity soar. Let’s explore how you can turn a simple fort creation into a place for quiet reading, filled with twinkling lights, fluffy cushions, and stories that make their imagination soar.

Building Your Reading Nook Fort

  • Find Your Reading Corner: Choose a quiet spot where your kids would like to make their cozy reading nook fort. Like in their room or a snug corner of the living room.
  • Open Your Make-A-Fort Kit: Unbox the Explorer Kit, and spread out all the pieces.
  • Imagine Their Reading Nook: Picture a magical reading space – it could be a castle library or a spaceship with books floating in the air!
  • Build Your Fort: Use the connectors to bring your fort panels together. Ask for some help if needed – building is more fun with friends or family! You can take inspiration from our Original Creations, like the Mansion X1 or Hexagloo X1
  • Make it Extra Comfy: Lay blankets and pillows inside for a soft and comfy reading spot in their newly built fort.
  • Add Some Twinkle Lights: Make it even more magical by hanging some twinkle lights inside. It’ll feel like their own little fort wonderland!
  • Personalize Their Nook: Gather their coziest blankets and fluffiest cushions. Stack up their favorite books inside, and create a theme – maybe it’s a jungle adventure or a castle full of magical stories.
  • Invite Their Stuffed Friends: Don’t forget to bring in their favorite stuffed animals or toys. They can be their reading buddies in their cozy fort!
  • Explore Fort Building Ideas: Get creative with various fort building ideas! Maybe add a secret passage or a window to peek through. The possibilities are endless.

Now, your kids have the perfect reading nook fort – a place to dive into their favorite stories, let their imagination soar, and explore fun fort building ideas. We hope you enjoy reading adventures in your Make-A-Fort reading nook.

We’d love to see photos of your creations, send photos and feedback to us at!

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