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Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

When the weather is good, and your kids just keep on playing on their gadgets, it is time to convince your children to play outside. However, children may be somewhat hesitant to leave the house for playtime. They choose to…

How Building Forts Can Help Your Kids!


Building forts is an old past time that has been passed from one generation to the next. Did you know that building blanket forts are beneficial to a child’s development? Read more to find out. It’s tough to co-opt through.…

Top Picks for Kids Indoor Forts that You’ll Love


Parents love giving their children surprises. You’re probably one of them. Are you? Whether you’re a parent, a guardian, or just someone who’s passionate about making kids happy, then for sure you’ll enjoy creating a lovely playground where they can…

Make a Fort: Ideas For Backyard Fort


Children enjoy making a fort. They love building them, and they love holding up a mess of treats in them. If you’re looking for summer or holiday fun for kids in the great outdoors that will keep them occupied for…

How to Make a Fort

Boy popping out top of fort

Step 1 – Choose the Type There are lots of ways to build an indoor fort including… Boxes – Build with large cardboard boxes and duct tape Blankets – Build with blankets and chairs Air Forts – Build with large…

Creative Play Car Wash for a Day of Fun

Grandma and grandson playing inside a cardboard car wash

Creating time for our kids and grandkids to have creative play is important. Creative play can spark imagination, engage them in problem solving skills, develop better communication skills and offer parents and grandparents priceless bonding time. Creative play is part…

Make a Puppet Theater

Cats watching puppet show in Make-A-Fort theater

Kids and puppet theaters are cute but cats and puppet theaters are even cuter! As a parent and grandparent, I am always looking for projects or products to help foster creativity and engage my kids in hands-on play. Building a…

Build a Nerf Fort

Nerf fort battle

If paintball is a bit too messy for you, we’ve got the next best thing, Nerf fort building for the ultimate indoor or outdoor party. Grab your Nerf weapons and foam bullets, it’s time for some friendly competition. A Nerf…