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Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

When the weather is good, and your kids just keep on playing on their gadgets, it is time to convince your children to play outside. However, children may be somewhat hesitant to leave the house for playtime. They choose to play with their gadgets than play outside. 

Being outdoors, playing, using their imaginations, and having fun are the foundations on which childhood memories and development are founded. This also means that our centrally located backyard has become a meeting place for friends to play together, make forts, socialize, and invent new outdoor activities and games.

So if your kids don’t like to play outside, encourage them with different outdoor activities that they can do. They will definitely enjoy this bonding time together with their siblings or friends. 

Here’s a list of some simple outdoor kids activities that you can let your kids try:

Make an outdoor activity jar

This is helpful for children who have difficulty coming up with ideas or making choices. On popsicle sticks, write various activities. As a parent, this is the best time to think of some activities that you think would make your kids happy. 

Allow your children to select an activity before taking them outside. Make the tasks quick to carry out, such as watering the plants, painting stones, building a fort, setting up a water shooting range, picking flowers, or drawing something with sidewalk chalk. There are plenty of entertaining activities you can do. 

After they are done with each activity, you can ask them if they have some ideas in mind that they would like to do next time. Give them popsicle sticks and let them write their suggestions. 

Outside art projects

Bring your kids’ projects outside if you’re tired of them making a mess in your home. A playdough picnic, where your children can pretend to make food out of playdough, is one of the many fun ideas. To make natural artwork, gather leaves, flowers, sticks, seeds, and pine cones. Bring an easel outside and paint in your backyard with your kids to enjoy drawing nature scenes.

Outdoor nature scavenger hunt 

An outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids outdoors, excited, and engaged with nature, whether they are on break or you just want to get outside and have a little extra fun in the backyard.

Gather things you needed for your kids’ scavenger hunt. You can tape them to a piece of paper with the instructions of which treasure they need to find next. Make sure that hiding the treasures can help them build their cognitive and motor skills. 

Paper boat race in your pool

Making paper boats for a paper boat race might be a fun and simple outdoor activity for your kids if you have a kiddie pool, nearby creek, or small area of water nearby. But before that, have your kids make paper boats out of supplies that will help them stay afloat and then race them using a straw to propel them.

This fun activity will surely help your child be creative and innovative in creating their lightweight yet durable paper boats. 

Paint kindness rocks

A kindness rock is simply a rock that has been painted with a motivational message. Your children can make mini masterpieces with inspirational and kind messages that they can leave around your neighborhood, school, parks, and common areas using a little paint and fine paint pens designed specifically for rock painting.

By letting them do this, you help your child think positively and encourage them to be kind to anyone. 

Build cardboard fort

Building a cardboard fort with fort kits is the best way to enjoy outdoor activities. Kids love to build their own place, and letting them create their own fort will encourage them to showcase their creativity and building skills.

Let your child tape it up and decorate it with paint. You can add their fort with pillows, blankets, and fairy lights, which will add coziness to the place. 


Try outdoor activities with your children, and you will surely enjoy a time together playing in the backyard. Outside is a great place to do homework, eat meals, craft, read books, and play games! Find some shade and spread out a blanket, even if you don’t have a formal outdoor living room.

You and your kids spend too much time in school and concentrate on work that you tend to forget to live a fun life. It’s wonderful to get outdoors and reconnect with your family and nature. As summer comes, set a goal for your family and play as many of these outdoor games with your kids as possible.

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